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Episode 8: It's Florida, Man

Episode 8: It's Florida, Man

Michael tells Todd a few Florida Man stories

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Hello and welcome to episode eight of the Situation Normal podcast! The podcast has the same vibe as the newsletter, but instead of reading, you listen to me tell stories to my friend Todd.

In this episode, I tell Todd about my strange and silly encounters with real life versions of a popular internet genre: FLORIDA MAN! Stories include:

  • An obnoxious customer and an unwieldy burrito

  • Stoners pumping gas… and courting death

  • An indecent proposal at a red light

  • A magical timeshare presentation

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You know the drill. I’ve got questions, you’ve got answers.

  1. Do you love the Florida Man genre, or do you hate good internet?

  2. Name another state that competes with Florida in the weird stories department. Explain.

  3. I talked about four different Florida Person encounters on the podcast. Which one was your favorite?

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Situation Normal
Situation Normal Podcast
Michael Estrin, the writer behind one of the top humor newsletters on Substack, tells his friend, Todd Beauchamp, funny stories from his life.