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Episode 5: What were your 2023 wins?

Episode 5: What were your 2023 wins?

Michael shares his wins with Todd

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Hello and welcome to episode five of the Situation Normal podcast! The podcast has the same vibe as the newsletter, but instead of reading, you listen to me tell stories to my friend Todd.

In this episode, I tell Todd about my 2023 wins and how my tradition of recording my wins began. Along the way, we talk about drugs and butt stuff, medieval relics, yoga, the key to a happy marriage, and the joy of podcasting with one of your best friends.

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Just one question for you: What were your wins in 2023?

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Situation Normal
Situation Normal Podcast
Michael Estrin, the writer behind one of the top humor newsletters on Substack, tells his friend, Todd Beauchamp, funny stories from his life.