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Episode 11: The Super Bowl Shuffle (and other sound ideas)

Episode 11: The Super Bowl Shuffle (and other sound ideas)

Michael tells Todd about Christina's plan to improve football + how his dad changed the way we watch the game

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Hello and welcome to episode eleven of the Situation Normal podcast! The podcast has the same vibe as the newsletter, but instead of reading, you listen to me tell stories to my friend Todd.

In this episode, we’re talking football in honor of America’s favorite holiday—Super Bowl Sunday. I tell Todd about Christina’s brilliant, outside-the-box idea to make football more entertaining to people who don’t give a shit about football. Then we talk about the time my dad changed the way we watch football on TV. It’s a super episode!

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Quick programming note:

After 11 episodes, the Situation Normal podcast is going on hiatus. That’s Latin for a break of an undetermined time. The show will come back, because I love doing it. But I don’t know when. I’ve got a few things in my life that need to take priority. This will be the last episode for a bit. Thanks for understanding.

Time to discuss👇

  1. Who are you rooting for? The Chiefs? The 49ers? Taylor Swift? Pizza?

  2. If you’re not gonna watch the Super Bowl, what are you doing Sunday?

  3. Kickers are easy scapegoats, right?

  4. What toppings were on your last pizza?

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