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Episode 4: Does Hanukkah have a marketing problem?

Episode 4: Does Hanukkah have a marketing problem?

Michael explains Hanukkah, how to eat latkes, and digs into his Jewish identity

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Hello and welcome to episode four of the Situation Normal podcast! The podcast has the same vibe as the newsletter, but instead of reading, you listen to me tell stories to my friend Todd.

In this episode, I tell Todd a couple of Hanukkah stories. We also talk a lot about fried food and holiday traditions for Jews in America. Plus, I share a little about what my Jewish identity means to me.

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  1. Why are there so many ways to spell Hanukkah? Explain!

  2. Donuts or latkes? Hint: both.

  3. How do you eat your latkes? Hint: ketchup is the wrong answer.

  4. Adam Sandler has done four versions of The Chanukah Song (note the different spelling!). Which one is your favorite?

  5. How would you make Hanukkah more popular? Put on your marketing hat!

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Situation Normal Podcast
Michael Estrin, the writer behind one of the top humor newsletters on Substack, tells his friend, Todd Beauchamp, funny stories from his life.