And, I posted before saying, I really enjoyed listening to your stories and conversation exchanges. Great examples and very entertaining. It's the first podcast I've listened to on Substack. I shall be back for more! Thank you so much.:-)

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Two doppelganger stories of my own:

#1 In the late 1960’s I traveled with my husband to Europe for the very first time, to Spain and France.

On many occasions, while we were by ourselves touring about, women either turned around, or stopped in their tracks, staring at us.

Clarity arrived when one non English speaking young female brought a pen/paper to our restaurant table, and with a shy smile murmed “Tony Curtis”?

Neither of us ever thought about that possibility before, but later when looking at husband's younger pictures, I certainly did see that eerie similarity.

I would post a pic of him here but we are long since divorced and I did not keep any of his photo’s. :)

#2 That same ex husband took up with a woman whom I ended up accidentally meeting, during very uncomfortable circumstances.

Imagine both of our shock when the two of us, for the very first time, came face to face with one another, only to discover that she looked, albeit taller, just like me! :-)

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Very enjoyable, Michael! Thanks so much for the mention! The Dave Matthews thing happened so often in the 90’s that my friends were trying to figure out ways I could capitalize on it. These mostly involved somehow getting backstage at a concert, which I never tried to do. But now I know from Todd, I would have just ended up hanging out with the drummer.

And by the way, you don’t look that much like Allen Ginsberg. You have way too much hair!

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The podcast is a strong effort, Michael. And, thanks for the shout-out for Rule of Three. Ironically, Situation Normal played a cameo role in a recent Rule of Three. . .


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1. I did today at the playground while my kids were doing their thing. Loved it.

2. Apocalypse Now, obv. No depth necessary.

3. I'm not familiar with his work, sadly. While listening to you I kept thinking about Mad Men, because there's a Ginsberg on that show: https://madmen.fandom.com/wiki/Michael_Ginsberg

4. I have not, but they sound like a great departure from the horrors of the regular justice system.

5. The Dave Matthews one struck me as the funniest, mostly because of Todd's impromptu tour bus story. I effing hate the sound of that genre, and loathe the music of The Dave Matthews Band and their contemporaries.

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Wait you're asking if I faked listening to your podcast, Ginsberg?!!

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LOOK-ALIKES Not remembering ever having seen Francis Ford Coppola, I checked his Wikipedia and there is Michael Estrin! Some years ago, I came across a magazine photograph of myself at age three! I showed my mother. "Who is this?" "You." My father took photographs of me at that age, so maybe he gave one to someone? The person who printed my photographs kept copies? I was so cute then!

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Nov 9, 2023Liked by Michael Estrin

1. Yes, I listened, not faking it, not a robot.

2. The Conversation, starring Gene Hackman and Cindy Williams, available on Showtime now. In 1975 it was up for Best Picture against Coppola's Godfather Part II, which won. And Gene Hackman also starred in another great Best Picture nominee that year, Chinatown.

3. Allen Ginsberg was the icon of counterculture poetry and drugs in the 1950s. Nothing has ever been the same.

4. Had really never heard of the Veterans Treatment Courts. Hope they are helping.

5. The comment about the Lebowski and John Goodman doppelgangers was priceless.

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WHAT A FEEEEE-LING!! 🎶 That was my response to the mention in your wonderful pod, with the huge bonus of a Flashdance joke. Truly, I have many feelings about these stories, doppelgängers, and the lessons we can learn from them if we’re willing. Have you seen Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (on Netflix)? There are two excellent/moving/tragic/beautiful doppelgänger stories in that movie I’m still thinking about. CHEERS!! And thank you again -- I’m gonna smile about this all week.

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Nov 8, 2023·edited Nov 8, 2023Liked by Michael Estrin

GREAT episode! Funny, moving, interesting, thought provoking! Enjoying these podcasts so much! Also... I'm often mistaken for other people (maybe I just "have one of those faces" too) but I had a serious doppelgänger when I lived in Seattle. We both attended the same community college and her classmates would come up to me ALL. THE. TIME. and ask me questions about what happened in class or the homework and when I'd tell them I didn't have that class, they'd stare at me so puzzled. It was eerie. Anyway, I hope wherever you are in the world my doppelgänger, you're wonderfully well. : )

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I didn’t listen. Taking care of my daughter after surgery so I’m stuck watching Gilmore Girls with her. Hehehe. I love doppelgänger stories— having a few of my own— and will listen if she naps.

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I've not heard of "veterans treatment courts" Thanks for that bit if info.

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1. Yes 2. Peggy Sue Got Married 3. In college I got invited to see Allen Ginsburg do a reading and he performed Tyger, Tyger. 4. Yes, I have a good friend who’s a lawyer and child of a vet 5. Love the Ginsburg story. Also, do you recall there was a Facebook thing eons ago where we were supposed to change our profile pic to a celebrity doppelgänger? One of many reasons I left that hellsite.

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Help me out here

can you name the Judge you talked to? Even if you gotta send me an email. I'd really like to look up Veterans court. & Thanks

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