I typed a very long comment and it disappeared. Long story short...

Good dream. A gorilla would be a good friend to have.

Yes I dream. Houses with unexplored rooms and a lion dream. I also buy into the simulation theory of Scott Adams/Elon Musk.

I prefer Garfunkel. Simon and Edie Brickell, ick....

Right now mostly brain candy we can binge. Work is somewhat stressful so zom out shows are good. But the cramming in of woke stuff is getting tedious.

NSFW is enjoyable. Somewhat Sedaris like. I like dark humor.

I'm ashamed of how little I read day to day. I used to read a lot. Still can when i prioritize it.

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1. Believe it or not, I'd file it under happy. Tasting an unpredictable, distinct flavor of happiness is a nice moment.

2. I tend to alternate between lucid dreaming and *wild* nightmares. Maybe I'll dip my toe into horror at some point. I'll make people laugh harder than usual.

3. I'm into it, but I tend to be fond of a good shaggy dog story. Or at least watching popular reactions to a shaggy dog story. It might not be a great personality trait.

4. I'm finishing NSFW once I'm out from my pile of student assignments. They're a good bunch.

5. Mostly punching. I'm dipping my toes back into Ip Man, which is the most fun propaganda film without Ivan Drago.

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Christina’s dream wasn’t good or bad. It’s just life, man. Some of us are gorillas grateful to be alive, and some of us are dead butterflies getting pulled out of a nose.

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1. Christina's dream: I'm told (by someone far more knowledgeable about dream analysis than me) that Christina *IS* the zoologist, the silverback, AND the butterfly. Is Christina attempting to "do the right thing" in life, but has realized that "the right thing" for one group contributes to the death (literal or figurative) of another? (The media/tech exec both helps and kills?) ((No offense, Christina. I have lots of flaws too.))

2. I'll share my dream about finding a hidden room in my house at another time. The dream (I should say the analysis of it) changed my life. I think, made me a better person.

3. Me and Julio: A couple of decades ago, a intellectually challenged woman befriended me after we literally ran into each other while attempting to catch the same bus. Within the year, she invited me to her first of many birthday parties, where I met many of her long-time friends and supporters.

I put a great deal of thought into what to give my intellectually challenged friend for her birthday and decided to make her a "mixed tape" (on CD; that's what she could use). Simon's "Me and Julio..." was one in an eclectic mix for an eclectic personality.

My friend, and her friends are significantly older than me. When Julio was released, I was 5 and they were in their teen years. I have always loved the song, but never asked anyone of their age bracket what was going on in the schoolyard. We had a hilarious discussion and the consensus (theirs, not mine) was, one of two things happened in the school yard: a homosexual act or the smoking of doobies.

4. Just finished Anthony Doerr's Cloud Cuckoo Land. Loved it and need to sit with it for a few days to fully think though the heartwarming and hopeful story.

5. Watching: The Wire reruns. All of them. I'd forgotten how timeless their lessons are.

Apologies for typos, poor grammar, and misspellings.

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I'm with Christina, it was a Good Dream. That's because i believe all dreams come to us for health and healing. Thanks for sharing.

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NWFW is in my Kindle and ready for the next read! Right after I finish this book on the zombie apocalypse. Zombie survival is my guilty pleasure, so much so that I usually hide that information. I'll tell people porn is no biggie but I'll hide the zombie survival. WTF? That and the "Inner Game of Tennis," not because I play tennis but because it's a great book on mental states and performance. But NSFW is next! If I had a dime for every shit toga, hoping for the same effect. I don't remember dreams but I've come to realize the reason is probably because I struggle with good sleep. Yellowjackets, watching Yellowjackets. WHAT THE HELL, who things of this stuff? Thankfully they do.

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Loved this so much! I’m like your wife: I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do it often involves animals!🦍🐅🐊

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Jung said everything in your dream is you. So Christina is the zoologist, AND the gorilla, AND the butterfly AND the tweezers. Just sayin’!

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thanks for heads up on Davidson stuff loved "King of Staten Island" it seems his best comedy originates from riffs on his own life...one particular SNL skit where if i recall right he imagines his future as a washed up comic tuned into that particular angle. Your own real life stuff is great as it comes from same self-deprecating deeply imaginative place. Look forward to enjoying your book.

As for dreams i'm not sure i don't change them somewhat trying to remember later from the totally bizarre scenarios i cant imagine having cooked up. Can only say the more intense they burn the less desire there is to fathom their meaning and more apt i am to be grateful if wary of the HELLHOLE UNIVERSE that LIES WITHIN. Ha.

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I'm against zoos but for removing butterflies from gorillas' noses, so good work dream-Christina?

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Agreed on the Bupkis front--it’s very very (almost surprisingly) good!

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