A former porn journalist returns to the scene of the crime
Sometimes three acts just aren’t enough to contain the stories life throws at you. Shakespeare knew that, and while I’m no Shakespeare, I’d put my…
In Bali, it’s safe to assume that where there’s a forrest, there are monkeys. We learned this as soon as we arrived in Ubud, a mountain town surrounded…
Milestone post
After a two-week hiatus, Situation Normal is back from vacation. Christina and I joined her parents, Steve and Cheryl, on a seven-day Alaskan cruise…
I like to arrive five or ten minutes early for a yoga class. That way, I have time to use the bathroom, put my phone on airplane mode, set up my mat and…
Hello, situation normies! Longtime readers know that sometimes I use this space to tell stories about my dad. I call those pieces Larry stories because…
Reading Nixonland stirs up some family memories, like the time I was a PA on Richard Nixon's funeral
My t-shirt from The Last Bookstore is a geek magnet
A Larry story about getting caught in a lie while in Beirut, care packages for the troops, and the spirit of Christmas.
Hello situation normies! There’s a lot of good stuff to get to in this edition, so I want to get right to it. But first, I’ve gotta pay some bills. Some…
I learned something about life on my birthday. Or, maybe I'm just kidding myself.