What is Situation Normal?

Life is funny, if you stop to think about it. But few people have the time, training, or inclination to produce slice of life humor.

Enter Situation Normal! Every Sunday, subscribers experience the absurdities of (my) life, without the hassle of talking to oddball baristas, the headache of managing home improvement boondoggles, or the dangers of buying cheese from strangers.

Cool! But who are you, and why are you qualified to write about your life?

First, I’m Michael Estrin, the internet’s number one authority on Michael Estrin. Unless human cloning becomes a thing, I have a decent chance of keeping this gig.

Speaking of gigs, I’ve strung enough of those together to have what some people call a “writing career.”

As as journalist, I covered tech, advertising, law, personal finance, and porn (there’s more overlap than you might think). An editor once told me I owned the “bizarro beat,” which was a fair thing to say to a guy who has written about obscenity trials, dope-smoking lawyers, doomsday preppers, and space tourism. But after more than a decade in journalism and a few awards that make great paper weights, I moved on to greener pastures.

My personal essays have appeared in Vox, Narratively, and Tablet. My short stories have appeared in Out of The Gutter and Akashic. Ride/Share is a collection of micro stories about the funny, odd, and soulful things I’ve experienced as a Lyft passenger.

In 2017, I joined photographer Sam Comen to co-create The Newest Americans, a project about immigration and identity. The exhibition is currently touring museums throughout the U.S.

Because art imitates life, I’m currently writing a series of stoner crime capers based on my time as a reporter for the second best trade publication in Porn Valley. And because every novelist needs a side hustle, I also write novels for the young and young at heart on Wattpad, where I’m a two-time Watty Award winner.

Situation Normal began on Facebook around 2015. At the time, I would share funny vignettes from my life with friends and family. Eventually, strangers started reading those stories, and I little later I realized that Facebook sucks, especially if your writing is more likely to inspire joy than spark outrage. That’s when I discovered Substack, and now you’ve discovered me.

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Michael Estrin
Life is funny (sometimes), so that's what I write about. I also write fiction that some people have called "funny."